A Mastery of Motherhood
My Mother 16 x MOM
    Barbara Olivo Cagle

Barbara offers you an intriguing, compelling, and shocking life story of an extraordinary woman you will learn to call "Mom." Graced with a treasured keepsake of vignettes, 16 x MOM will remind you of your own childhood and family experiences. Mom's philosophies and love of her children will have you turning the pages with preservation and admiration while you laugh, cry, and reminisce. You will be proud to display this book on your coffee table-a gift for you or your loved ones. Mom's biography is a 7" x 10" laminated hard cover and has 360 pages filled with over 500 timeless photos. Use as a guide to writing your own family history and genealogy.

Image of Jacqueline Rose Nunez
Jacqueline Rose Nunez
My beloved mother

Pregnant 4,500 + Days

At the age of four, Jacqueline Rose Nunez was placed in the care of "Ma," a withered lady. Rose, a diligent, obedient shy child bent to all of the old woman's demands.

Through her youth, the yearning for her parents' and siblings' affection remained buried inside her. As she matured, however, Rose planted in a learning garden filled with books and dreams that carried her around the globe and nourished her mind with a wealth of knowledge.

When she married Nello John Olivo, Rose's rooted passion for family sprouted into an unconditional love. Her previous enduring and trying experiences intensified her appetite for life and blossomed into sixteen long stem roses, her term of endearment for her sixteen children.

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Image of Barbara Cagle
Barbara Olivo Cagle
13th of 16

"I couldn't put the book down; it started as an interesting story with a lot of interesting history tidbits. As the characters grew on me, they became family. I laughed, I cried and I couldn't put the book down because I wanted to know what happened next! By the end I felt a part of this incredible family!" -Joni Adkins

"Barbara Cagle's book is an entertaining biography of a unique American family. The story of Rose Olivo and her sixteen children is enriched by Rose's wise, insightful words of poetry and philosophy, an album of photographs, as well as a veritable treasure chest of intriguing, poignant, and sometimes funny vignettes, some of which may warmly remind readers of their own youth." -J. Douglas and Connie Causey

"You will find that this story of an extraordinary mom sends you from laughter to tears and back. Imagine: this all happened in one lifetime. A great story!" -Lona Dyer

"In a world where the family is being discredited as the basic and fundamental unit of society, 16 x MOM is a refreshing example of how our country is strengthened through enduring struggles of the family. I am impressed with the detail of documentation Barbara has incorporated in this book. This was fun to read. Upon completion I am convinced that Rose has made a significant contribution to this great country and to our society." -Steven L. Bates

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ISBN 978-0-9792360-1-3: $17.95

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