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Introduction and Disclaimer

Chapter One: Fried Eggs

Chapter Two: She Lied!

Chapter Three: Enchiladas and Tamales

Chapter Four: "Oh, Throw Me a Towel"

Chapter Five: "Hiya Rose"

Chapter Six: Baby Doll

Chapter Seven: Giant Dipper

Chapter Eight: "It's a Little Rough"

Chapter Nine: More to Come

Chapter Ten: "It's Over, It's Over"

Chapter Eleven: Five and Five Makes…

Chapter Twelve: Trouble

Chapter Thirteen: Lucky Thirteen

Chapter Fourteen: Next Go-'Round

Chapter Fifteen: Out of the Nest

Chapter Sixteen: Moments in Time

Chapter Seventeen: Vignettes

Chapter Eighteen: No Bed of Rose's

Chapter Nineteen: The Mob and the Job

Chapter Twenty: On the Move

Chapter Twenty-One: Good and Not So Good

Chapter Twenty-Two: The 16th at 12:06


About the Author and letter to Mom


Ancestry, Photos, and Untold Family Stories

Family Trees


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