Chapter One


Fried Eggs

"As the children grew up and embarked upon their careers, established their homes, married and had children, I found myself with more time to do the things that I had always dreamed of doing, that is, a little traveling. I have been an armchair traveler all of my life. I have learned about, seen and experienced many places of interest in this world through narratives, books, pictures, and magazines," said Rose one April morning in 1980. She was preparing an audio recording to give to her daughter, Barbara. Rose continued with her thoughts:

Menopause came and went with very little effect on my home life. There were many happy times in my life, all involving my children, in their activities, their accomplishments, and in the pride that I felt toward each one of them. Unhappy times did occur, and it seems that they happened when I wasn't in control of the situation.

A very happy and fulfilling time for me was when I joined the Mother's Guild at my children's respective schools. Being involved in the activities of the guild, and later when the mothers elected me president of the St. Joseph's Mother's Guild, was rewarding. I thoroughly enjoyed that time in my life, and it gave me a good feeling to know that my children were proud of me and proud of what I was doing. I felt there was something that I could do outside my home, something that my family and friends would acknowledge.

When I was growing up, there weren't as many doors open to women. When I look back on the wonderful strides that women have made in the service professions, I can place my fullest confidence and trust in the women who endeavor to succeed in the occupations and lifestyles offered to them now, and in the future. Some of the highly-regarded judges are women. Some of the greatest teachers in the world are women. Yet, for all of this, would I trade my God-given right to bring new life into the world? No, women can do both today.

Oh, my, I have many philosophies, so many in fact that I couldn't get them all on paper. There is one philosophy that I have given much thought to: that is the question of success in one's life. Whether they are striving to attain success in whatever they do, what they attempt to do, or what they think they can do. The people who have found true success are those who have lived well, laughed often, and loved much. They have earned the respect of intelligent people. They found their niche, accomplished their task, and they left our world a better place, whether by a perfect poem, a song, or a rescued soul.

To live well is to fulfill one's duties with a happy heart; to enjoy the pleasures of life and to sow no seeds of dissension. To live well is to fill the lives of others with love; to be able to laugh at oneself and not at others, in the midst of any diversity. Laugh often with those around you, and they in turn will laugh with you. Laugh aloud when your child responds with a witty off-the-wall remark to a severe reprimand. Let them know that you appreciate witticism, a smart response, and quick thinking in the attempt to divert your attention from their transgression, and then get on with your reprimanding. Why suppress laughter? If a child's action upsets and annoys you so much, a good laugh would be just what you need to calm yourself so that you can go on and explain to the child intelligently why their action was wrong and why they were a disappointment to you.

If you suppress the laughter, your anger will intensify. You would not only be angry because of the offending act, you would also be angry that the child had the audacity to speak out with something that lessened your anger for the moment. You just can not stand to have that happen before the offending act completely spent you with ranting and raving. This is when too-severe punishment becomes unfair. A child's ability to come up with a witty remark in the face of strong opposition is a God-given talent and armor against over-powering giants. What else could they possibly use-their fists?

Yes, it's true that a true success is that person who has loved much. Who has grasped at every opportunity to allow loved ones to experience that person's love for them; to be able to say to them, 'If I didn't love you so much I probably could dislike you at this moment for what you just said or what you just did.'

There are many successes in life other than being a business person making lots of money. I have been asked, 'If you had it to do all over again, would you do the same thing? Would you have changed anything?' The only thing that I might have done differently, if I knew then what I know now, is that I would have stood up for my rights a little stronger than I did. I would surely have reached out and tried to do more with the talent that God gave me, and maybe I would have realized the dream that I had of becoming a commercial artist. Then I think for all of that, would I not have had one, just one, of my many wonderful children? Ah, I do not think so, not for all the art in Egypt.

I will tell you a secret. I have had a strong desire to sing. I love to listen to someone singing. Before I began giving lectures and speeches in front of large groups of people, I doubted that I could ever get up and sing before an audience.


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