"I've known Barbara Cagle for many years and hearing of the ups and downs of her large family has been most interesting. The in-depth story of her mother's challenges and triumphs raising sixteen wonderfully successful children should be inspiring to many young families." -Myra Hilton

"An extraordinary story about an extraordinary family, carefully researched. I truly enjoyed it." -Ron Robie

"Your book was like reading an epoch novel, memoir, and biography. Most of all-what a great tribute to your mom. She was the ultimate matriarch. After reading about Rose, I wanted to get up, clean my house and quit complaining about how stressed I am." -Cynthia D'Anna

"After reading Rose's story, I sat back and thought; this woman was pregnant 4,500 + days. What a fantastic story Barbara wrote filled with humor and compassion. It is a great read." -Lee Anne Reber

"This book is filled with Rose's philosophy. She seems to have handled every situation, good or bad, trivial or not, with aplomb and dignity (a classy commodity) and never ever damaged anyone's little id. There were places that brought me to tears. I loved the photographs and the histories. What a great tribute to your mom and a priceless heirloom." -Bobbee Hepworth (Retired Librarian)

"I finished your book with tears. I was very touched with the stories you have woven so beautifully. All families should be so blessed." -Barbara Deuel

"Your mom did you kids a favor with her philosophy (though I imagine it didn't always work smoothly), and it is a further blessing that she was so articulate in expressing it. I do not doubt the book as a whole holds abundant and heart-warming food for thought for us all. Good on you for tackling it!" -John Dalmas, author of the Regiment series, the Yngling series, and the Farside series.

"The ultimate success of this large family speaks volumes about the intelligence and sensitivity of both parents. This is an enduring legacy for the author's mother and a complement to the entire family." -Robert Pillsbury

"A remarkably told story about one woman's plight through a both difficult but ultimately rewarding life. Jacqueline Rose Olivo's biography by Barbara Cagle endears the reader to her life by blending intimate narrative, timeless photos, and a well researched family history into a book that is hard to put down." -John Bob

"Barbara Cagle has crafted a compelling story. The reader will immediately become engrossed in the humor, tragedy, and everyday experiences of the remarkable family." -Fran Bennett Wicht, author of Fifty Years Ago in Letters, a family memoir published in 2005

"Well researched and enriched with dozens of photographs, 16 x MOM provides an enjoyable tribute to one mother's triumph over a lifetime of hardship and family challenges." -Michael Hinz, author of Satan's Gold and How to Argue With an Atheist

"Anyone interested in California history will enjoy the unfolding of this saga, embedded with charming details and rich with colorful characters, chronicling the author's family heritage from Sierra mining lands to the southern San Francisco Bay Area." -Rita Beamish, author of Perils of Paradise: Amazing True Survivor Stories from Hawaii

"What a wonderful tribute to a mother who put her commitment to her family second only to her commitment to God. The author has obviously done some exhaustive research into the family's past generations and has generously allowed the reader a peek into the history and lives of a family raised to support each other and to honor their mother. The reader grows to learn and care about each of the sixteen children. The book is a treasure for the family and a gift to the rest of us!" -Uni Walker

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